Saturday, May 31, 2014

COVERGIRL bombshell volume by lashblast

This is my first post for product reviews and I am quite excited about it! I recently watched a YouTube video on applying make-up for an "every day" look and even though they did not recommend this product, when I saw it in the just made perfect sense to buy it! $8.99 at Walgreen's, COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume by Lashblast, is TOTALLY worth it! I have been told before that I have long eye-lashes, but because I'm blonde...yes...I'm blonde, and if you tell me otherwise, I might jump out of the computer and strangle you! Ok, in all honesty, born with black hair, fell out, then grew back with that lovely shade of, ummm...what do we call it??? Oh yes, Dirty Blonde. Such a nice name for a shade. Regardless, my long lashes needed an "UMPH", so I decided to test this product out and I was pleasantly surprised! It's a 2-step process...well, you can go with the first step, but I don't know why you would, maybe if you want half-ass I recommend doing the 2-step process. Here are my results:


Step 1: Apply the Number "1" wand to your lashes.

Step 2: Apply the Number "2" wand to your lashes.

All in all...I HIGHLY recommend this product! Definitely worth the $$. Stayed on ALL day long with NO clumps and no "falling" of the lashes. Perfect lashes for a perfect girl! xoxo, Kelly 

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